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Dr Peter Burman — Publications

Author of:

St. Paul's Cathedral  (Bell & Hyman, The New Bell's Cathedral Guides. 1987) ISBN 978-0713526165.

Joint author of:

James Gibbs as a Church Designer: an Exhibition Celebrating the Restoration of the Cathedral Church of All Saints at Derby, 1972(Chapterhouse Press, 1972) ISBN 978-0903675000 (with Terry Friedman).

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Looking Forwards: The Country House in Contemporary Research and Conservation: Proceedings of the Conference in York in 1999. (Cottbus, 2001) (with Leo Schmidt and Christian Keller).

Editor of:

Conservation of Wall paintings: The International Scene (Council for the Care of Churches, 1986).

Treasures on Earth: A good housekeeping guide to churches and their contents (Donhead, 1994).

Economics of Architectural Conservation: Based on the Proceedings of a Consultation at King's Manor, 13–14 February 1995 (University of York, Inst. of Advanced Architectural Studies, 1995) ISBN 978-0904761511.

Architecture 1900 (Routledge 1998) ISBN 978-1873394328.

Celebrating Conservation: 30 Years of Conservation Studies at the University of York (University of York, 2002) ISBN 0 904761 70 3.

Joint editor of:

Conserving the Railway Heritage (Taylor & Francis, 1996) ISBN 978-0419212805 (with Michael Stratton).

This Common Bond: Training Cathedral Craftsmen and Conservators for the Next Generation (University of York, 2001) ISBN 0 904761 69 X (with Enrico Fodde).

Book chapters:

"Small Town Stations", in Marcus Binney & David Pearce, in Railway Architecture (Orbis Publishing Limited 1979, republished Bloomsbury Books, 1985).

"Das Schöne mit dem Nützliche: Englische Vorbilder und Einflüsse auf die Potsdamer Parklandschaft", in Nichts gedeiht ohne Pflege: Die Potsdamer Parklandschaft und ihre Gärtner (Potsdam: Stiftung Preußischer Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg, 2001).

"Noble ideal or political football?: A personal view of the World Heritage Convention and aspects of its progress during the past thirty years", in Jahrbuch, Stiftung Preußischer Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg, Band 4: 2001/2002 (Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 2003).

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"The Contribution of the United Kingdom to European Architectural Heritage Year 1975", in A Future for our Past: The 40th Anniversary of European Architectural Heritage Year (1975–2015) (Berlin: Hendrik Bäßler Verlag, 2015), pp 262–275). (with Dennis Rodwell)

Chapter 3 "Abercorn House and Churchyard and the Hopetoun Mausoleum", and Chapter 4 "The Useful and Beautiful on the Hopetoun Estate", in Countess of Hopetoun, Polly Feversham and Leo Schmidt (editors), Hopetoun, Scotland's Finest Stately Home (Hirmer Verlag GmbH, Munich, 2020) ISBN 978-3777434391.

Magazine and journal articles:

"Inigo Jones at Hale" [Concerning Hale Church, Hampshire], Country Life, 7 February 1974.

"The Revival of Lime for Cathedral Repairs", Lime News, Vol. 4 No. 2 (The Building Limes Forum, 1996).

"Conservation Philosophy in Practice: A Scottish Perspective", Architectural Heritage XVII: The Journal of the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland (Edinburgh University Press, 2006).

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"Robert and Eve Baker: A Tribute", Journal of the Building Limes Forum, Volume 25, 2018.

"Historic Organs as Mainstream Cultural Heritage", BIOS Journal Volume 43 (British Institute of Organ Studies, 2019).


My lecture on the architect Philip Webb to Glasgow City Heritage Trust (YouTube)

More lectures to be added.

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