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Peter and Ross's Wedding (Falkland) and Affirmation of Vows (Croydon)
Ross and Roger's civil partnership and marriage
Diverse Performances (promoting the book by the late David Lawrence, edited by Ross)
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The Guild of St George, founded in 1871 by the Victorian art and social critic, John Ruskin, is an educational charity, devoted to the arts, crafts and the rural economy. We are among its 320 Companions, and Peter is a Director; we take part in many of their activities.
Peter is a long-standing member of the Art Workers Guild, a body of over 400 artists, craftspeople and academics working at the highest levels fo excellence in their professions. We both look forward to the Guild's Thursday evening lectures, by Zoom, or in person if we're in London.
We strongly support the concept of a Universal Basic Income, as a way of addressing many of the problems of today's society.
Peter was one of the founders of the Building Limes Forum, which promotes the use of lime in buildings (especially historic buildings) to avoid many of the problems caused by using cement.
The Waverley Line, closed in the Beeching Cuts, was partially reopened by the Queen in 2015 as the Borders Railway. The Campaign for Borders Rail is calling for the complete reopening of he line, to serve Hawick and the Borders, and provide a much-needed link between Edinburgh and Carlisle.
The Campaign for Homosexual Equality, founded in 1964, played a vital part in the achievement of human rights for LGBT+ people; the CHE Research Trust, an educational charity, exists to document and promote the history of CHE and the struggle for LGBT+ rights.
With church attendance declining, the problem of what to do with our ancient and historic church buildings becomes ever more acute. The Friends of Friendless Churches exists to rescue and protenct some of the beautiful churches, in England and Wales, that have fallen out of use.
The Festiniog Railway is the world's oldest narrow-gauge railway, with almost 200 years of history and is now an integral part of UNESCO's “Slate landscape of North Wales” World Heritage Site. Since 2011 the line has been extended to Caernarfon by the reopening of the Welsh Highland Railway.
The Falkland Society exists to promote knowledge and understanding of the archaeological, architectural, historic and artistic heritage, past and present, of Falkland and its wider context in Fife and Scotland. As well as its monthly lectures and occasional visits, it has a publications programme and maintains the Historic Falkland website and the Falkland Wiki. –
The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) founded by William Morris in 1877, campaigns to protext old buildings at risk. Through its fellowship and scholarship schemes, it helps young people to develop the skills that will enable them to progress in professions or crafts concerned with historic buildings.
Theirworld, working around the world, aims to "offer every child the best start in life, a safe place to learn and skills for the future".
The Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, and more. Its Wayback Machine is invaluable in preserving older websites that otherwise would have been lost for ever.